Silicone Suction Pad Phone Holder


Material: Silica gel
Diameter of  Silicone Suction Pad Phone Holder is 10mm and the height is 2mm!

Package included: 1x silicone suction cup


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Silicone Suction Pad Phone Holder Capture Epic Videos and Photos – Ideal for online influencers, people who make TikTok videos, or shooting content for Instagram. This silicone cell phone mount for cases helps you create shareable content completely hands free.

Tech Connect  Launched Mobile Phone Silicone Suction Pad Phone Holder , a versatile and innovative accessory designed to enhance your smartphone experience. This grip is a game-changer, offering both practical functionality and sleek design.

This Silicone Suction Pad Phone Holder grip attaches securely to the back of your mobile phone or its case.

It features a unique suction cup design that allows you to attach your phone to smooth, flat surfaces like mirrors, glass, or car dashboards. This hands-free convenience is perfect for video calls, watching content,  or using your phone as a GPS while driving.

The grip is not only functional but also stylish. Upgrade your smartphone experience with this innovative accessory today!

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