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People might consider purchasing a GPS disabling service for various reasons.

Here are some potential motivations for seeking such a service:

1. Privacy Concerns: Some individuals may be worried about their location being tracked by their devices or applications, often due to concerns about data privacy. Disabling GPS can help protect their location information.

2. Preventing Tracking: In cases of domestic abuse or stalking, individuals might want to disable GPS to prevent their abusers from tracking their movements.

3. Battery Conservation: GPS consumes a significant amount of battery power. Disabling it can extend a device’s battery life, especially in situations where charging is limited.

4. Unauthorized Use: Companies with vehicles or equipment may want to disable GPS to prevent unauthorized use or to discourage employees from using company resources for personal purposes.

5. Geo-Fencing: Some users might need to temporarily disable GPS when entering restricted areas where GPS-enabled devices are not allowed, such as military installations or certain government facilities.

6. Off-Grid Adventures: People going off the grid, like hikers or campers, might disable GPS to save battery life when not needing navigation services or to maintain their privacy.

7. Security Concerns: In certain security-sensitive environments, such as research facilities or government installations, disabling GPS might be necessary to prevent location-based vulnerabilities or threats.

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